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APPROVED PAINT COLOR GUIDE - Click here to view/print color codes (see images below)

​Please complete the Architectural Approval Application before paintingClick here to view/print application

STEP 1: Homeowner fills out the request, signs the application, dates it, and returns the application to the clubhouse office, Attn: ACC; 

STEP 2: The ACC acts on the application at its next meeting, voting to approve the application with perhaps some stipulations or not approve it. The ACC meets at 10:30 AM on the 3rd Friday of each month. Meetings are open to residents; 

STEP 3: The ACC will ask Management & Associates to send a letter to the homeowner stating that the application has either been approved, denied or if any stipulations are required.​

Per the Rules & Regulations: regarding approval required for all colors
Whereas the color scheme for The Estates & The Reserve has been to use ‘earth tone’ colors and
Whereas a list of approved colors was adopted on Nov.!6, 2012 and
Whereas the ACC has reviewed the 2012 list and found that some colors have been made obsolete by the manufacturer and that there has been a general trend of residents preferring deeper colors.
Therefore it is resolved that the Approved Paint Color Guide list dated March 18, 2016 be approved as the list of Approved colors for The Estates and The Reserve.

**to view a paint sample click on the image