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UPDATE 4/18/17
We are coming out tomorrow (4/19/17) to continue the fertilization (we were hoping for some rain recently to no avail). We will complete this application next week. Those owners who have their sprinkler systems up to par will show a marked difference in a couple of weeks, as the blend is a slow release variety with lots of minor nutrients

UPDATE 2/10/17
​Landcare was out at the Estates Tuesday & Thursday, and started the second blanket weed application 2/7/17. Also, in this application is liquid fertilizer and essential nutrients to invigorate the grass roots and promote a strong healthy turf. The weeds are dying/dead as expected, from the first weed application last fall, so prepare for more calls/work orders about dying grass. A lot of the yards have crabgrass & carpet grass weeds, which look very similar to St. Augustine grass, so when they begin dying from our treatments people think their “grass” is dying. We will address each homeowner’s concern and show them the differences. Once we do our spring granular fertilization(late March/early April) you and the owners will really see the St. Augustine take off and start filling in. The houses that do not irrigate, as needed, stick out like a sore thumb.  

Please read this article on irrigation from the University of Florida: